EIU’s Worldwide Cost of Living (WCOL) Index 2020 introduced

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has launched its biannual ‘Worldwide Cost of Living (WCOL)’ report of the World’s Most Expensive Cities in 2020, based mostly on their price of dwelling. Hong Kong (China), Paris (France) and Zurich (Switzerland) share the highest spot because the costliest cities within the checklist, which includes of 133 cities.

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Damascus (Syria), Taskent (Uzbekistan), Lusaka (Zambia) ranked the final three spot as probably the most most cost-effective cities within the checklist, which includes of 133 cities. The report took under consideration the value of 138 gadgets, utilized in every single day for survival, and the falling or rising worth of that nation’s forex because of Covid to rank the cities accordingly.

Important takeaways for all aggressive exams:

  • Economist Intelligence Unit Headquarters: London, United Kingdom.
  • Economist Intelligence Unit Founded: 1946.

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